nate the dog man

About Nathaniel Bonilla

Nathaniel Bonilla, known as “Nate the Dog Man”, brings two decades of experience to those who seek his assistance.

Nate, an animal lover his whole life, started his formal education while still in high school with a credit approved internship at K9-1 Specialized Dog Training where he presented to his counselors a demo and the theory behind fully trained working dogs.

After graduating high school he expanded his education with a professional dog training certification from Tom Rose school of dog training, which is arguably the most respected and established school for dog trainers in the world.

Upon completion, Nate quickly became one of the most sought-after and talented workhorses for larger establishments seeking advanced training for all tasks including: aggression rehabilitation, security, police, sport, entertainment, and any type of customized tasks needed.

Besides his own tailored approach, Nate believes the best and most responsible trainers should never stop learning.  He continues to seek out and learn from any proven trainer that offers new information and techniques in order to bring his clients the culminated knowledge of many years experience from the top trainers in the industry while still also remaining up to date on what is new in “dog training technology”.

Why should you work with Nate the Dog Man?


  • He is a true expert dog trainer with the education and experience to back it up.
  • Versatility - Whether you want to train using only a clicker and rewards or want to learn how to humanely use an ecollar, Nate is experienced in personally using and teaching all training methods based off of your preference and the appropriate application.
  • Experience - when some trainers brag about training “thousands of dogs” they are mainly tallying dogs in groups classes or single lessons.  Nate has truly trained thousands of dogs personally to advanced levels of training through his many years of being the “hands-on trainer” for multiple establishments at the same time. Nate has been a full-time trainer for nearly two decades.
  • Humane - not only is Nate an animal enthusiast, who entered the field for all the right reasons, when a trainer understands dog behavior and how to properly train without skipping steps the dog and owner will enjoy the process without sacrificing results.
  • You are working with Nate! Let’s face it, if you meet Nate you will understand why this is important. He is funny, easy to get along with, and your dog will love him! When training is fun for you and your dog, you will accomplish more.  No more worrying about a trainer that blames you for everything or a dog that is disinterested or shakes at the site of their trainer.  Training with Nate is a good time!
  • The proof is in the pudding!  Contact any client or organization that he has serviced for a testimonial.  


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